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BARCLAYS BANK PLC LONDON -INTERNATIONAL BANK-UNITED KINGDOM. 54 JERMYN STREET, LONDON, SW1Y 6WL,UK.  Tel: +44(0)701-2983-021 +44(0)70457 37415. Fax:  +44(0)70-05-93-08-61


For Your Kind Attention Sir, Jiri


We have been directed by the director of Foreign Operation/Wire Transfer to write you in respect to mail which our Transfer Department (TD) received from you. Actually we have earlier been informed about transfer of the fund  by the young girl Miss  Lisa Sharif, and we told her to provide a trustee/ representative for the claim of her late father's deposit with our bank. Hence you have been really appointed as a trustee to represent the next of Kin. However before our bank will transact any business concerning the transfer of the fund to your bank, we will like you to send the followings Document immediately to our bank.


1. A power of attorney, permitting you to claim and transfer the funds to your bank account on her behalf. Note: This Power of attorney must be endorsed by a Senegal resident lawyer. (Since the money is originated from Africa and she is currently residing in Senegal.  


2. Origin Certificate.


3. Testament of will


4. An Affidavit of oath from the Senegal high court.


5. A Scanned copy of your passport. / ID card.


6. and your account information were the fund we transfer 


Note: The above 4 documents are compulsory, and are needed to protect our interest, yours and the next of kin after the transfer. The presentation of the four vital documents as stipulated by our banking policy, these shall also ensure that a smooth, quick and successful transfer of the fund is made. We promise to give our customers the best of our services. Tel: +44(0)701-2983-021.


Yours Faithfully,

Mr Antony Peter Jenkins

(For Accounts Dept.)



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